What To Do (this summer): 5 TV Show recommendations

Hey everyone! Summer is upon us and that of course means utter boredom. We all miss school, getting up early and falling asleep mid-day so much… So naturally, we have to find something fun to spend time on to avoid this much dreaded boredom. And so, especially for you, I present my “WTD(ts)”-series: What To Do (this summer). Starting off with a list including some of my favourite tv shows that I think could brighten up your summer.

#1 – Peaky Blinders – (2013-) – 3 seasons

Hands down one of my absolute favourite shows. In Peaky Blinders we follow the notorious family/gang behind the name. Behind the obvious bar fights and gambling business, each of the Shelby family members have their own demons haunting them. Stunning camerawork combined with splendid acting (Cillian Murphy is mind-blowing in this) and overall badassery will have you hooked from the first ep. Another plus, Tom Hardy has a (small) part in this show – and if you love him as much as I do, there’s another reason to watch it

#2 – Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005-2008) – 3 seasons

This is probably (in my experience) the most recommended animated show I know. It is also my favourite. I watched this when I was still a kid and always thought it was funny and cool. After a rewatch as a somewhat older person (I refuse to use the word adult here), I realized there’s so much more to this show. It is a beautiful story of friendship, loyalty, bravery and love. And it’s still funny, even now.

#3 – Marvel – 5 shows (!)

Should you have a lot of time this summer, watch Marvel. I’m not stating any show in particular here, because Marvel released quite a lot of awesome shows since 2015, and they all follow a pattern. For your convenience, here’s the correct order to watch the Marvel shows currently on Netflix: Daredevil s1, Jessica Jones s1, Daredevil s2, Luke Cage s1, Iron First s1. And then once you have finished these, you can get all hyped up for The Defenders, in which the worlds of our four ‘heroes’ of the above mentioned shows will collide. The Defenders will air August 18.

#4 – The Shannara Chronicles (2016-) – 1 season

Epic, magical fairy adventure that I haven’t heard as much about as I thought I would when it was first introduced on MTV. Listen – I will not lie about this: the acting isn’t great and the special effects are… fine, but it is a highly enjoyable and adventurous story full of fun and mysterious characters. Enough adjectives to convince you yet? Not as convincing as The 100, but good enough for a fun summer watch.


#5 – Terrace House (2015-) – 1 season, 46 episodes

In Terrace House we follow six men and women who ‘randomly’ move in together for the summer. They don’t know each other, but that’s the point. Set in Japan, it is highly interesting (and fun!) for anyone with a different cultural background to see these young people’s way of communicating and living with others. It’s also semi a dating show. Pros are that there are loads of short episodes, and there’s a similar, newer show online too: Terrace House: Aloha State (set in Hawaii).


Hopefully you’ll be able to handle Summer a bit better with one or two (or five) of these recommendations. Should you still want more, you can always check out my Top 5 Underrated TV Shows post. Keep an eye out for more WTD(ts) posts coming your way soon, including some talk about movies & books. And remember, stay safe in the sun (aka just stay inside and watch TV).

Have you seen any of these? Are you going to watch any of the shows above? Let me know in the comments! cool

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