What To Do (this summer): 5 movie recommendations

As promised, I would come back to you with my famous, much talked about, hilarious, enchanting and amazing WTD(ts)-series. Remember my 5 TV Show recommendations? In all truth, very few probably care. But I am here for you few that are excited to learn from a huge film nerd like me what movies they should totally watch this summer. I’ve tried combining some intense and some fun movies to give you the most varied taste one can give in only five recs. Let’s jump into it!

#1 Arrival (2016)

This may or may not be my favourite movie of last year. What a cinematographically stunning and story-wise wonderful movie. It left me completely shook. When reading what it was going to be about, I wasn’t all too thrilled because it sounded like another sucky alien movie. But it’s SO MUCH MORE than that. It’s a story about the future and the past and everything in between. About deciding what is the right choice and living with the consequences of that choice.

#2 Legend (2015)

This movie features Tom Hardy, twice. I repeat: Twice. I don’t know about you but I love Tom Hardy. So, obviously, I will recommend you Legend, a movie based on the true story of Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the notorious East-London gangster twins of the 1960s. Fun, heartbreaking and intense all the same. Aside from Tom Hardy’s amazingness, Emily Browning deserves a special mention – her acting is truly enchanting in this movie.

#3 The Prestige (2006)

There is no way I was going to compile a list and then not include my favourite movie of all time. My favourite director is hands down Christopher Nolan (also sneakily recommending his new movie Dunkirk which is also AMAZING), and this is his best standalone work. I deliberately say stand-alone, because the Batman-trilogy (and especially The Dark Knight) is a fucking one of a kind masterpiece. The Prestige is based on the book by Christopher Priest that follows two rivalling magicians that are both trying to become the best magician in London. But becoming the best is hard when the other constantly tries to undermine your success. Intense and captivating performances by both Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale and an ending à la Inception that will leave you completely in awe (and will make you want to watch it again and again).

#4 Shrek (2001)

BODY ONCE TOLD ME that this is the best animated movie ever yes thank you very much. Pun very much intended if that wasn’t obvious yet. I don’t even think it’s necessary to explain what this movie is about, it was more of a reminder that it exists and that you should watch it. The same goes for The Incredibles. Enjoy and let your inner child thrive.

#5 Moneyball (2011)

Brad Pitt who looks like a suburban dad leads this movie based on a true story. We follow Billy Beane, who’s a general manager that attemps a radically different approach to assembling a succesful baseball team– by acquiring new players based on computer-generated analyses. A great movie for any sports fan, but truly also very enjoyable for any non sports fan like me. I personally love the emotion and passion people put into sports and this movie shows the ups and downs this can cause in a very real way.


Those were my summer film recs for you. I really hope you’ll find this list useful and do let me know what you think of these movies. I mean, really do let me know because I’m super excited for more people to dive into this list of favourites of mine!


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  1. I was actually planning on watching The Arrival so DANKE for giving me a few more reasons to pick it up and WATCH IT THIS TIME *cough cough* I may or may not have made an attempt to watch it but I ended up reading some book instead! Also. Shrek and the Incredibles? L.O.V.E!!!!!!! (you pun whisperer omg) *tips my hat to you* Plus The Prestige and the Moneyball both sound so interesting! Can you SEE my list growing? I actually really like these kinds of posts from you! Little glimpses of Femke-life are.always much appreciated and very welcomed!

    1. YES YES YES to all of that- I’d loooove it if this list will make you watch more movies!
      But seriously, if you do watch any of these PLEASE COME AND TALK TO ME ABOUT THEM. Because most of these are literally my favourites and I need more people to talk to them about!! <3

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