Three books you should definitely read this fall

Hey friends! The world’s favourite time of the year has come again. It’s time for big, cosy sweaters, a million mugs of tea, blankets, rain and the colours changing from green to brown. Ah yes, you guessed it: it’s fall. Sometimes I get why people are obsessed with it– the cosy vibes are REAL. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder if fall is better where you all seem to live, since (literally!) all we get here in the Netherlands is rain. Loads and LOADS of rain.

So if you, like me, live in a country where fall is questionable, I’ll come to your aid today. Recommending you three books I recently read to get you all warmed up for the colder months to come.

#1 The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy
This. Book. Was. Amazing. As you might have seen in my unboxing post, this was included in Bookboxclub’s July box and I’m so happy they featured it. When Aila’s mother dies and her dad goes off to war, she and her brother are sent to Sterling– the place where their mother grew up. Soon Aila realises that in Sterling, nothing is normal. Every seven year, something disappears. As Aila finds out more about Sterling, she’s determined to find out what caused the Disappearances, and how to stop them.

It is the perfect fall read and I cannot recommend it more. Full of beautiful quotes, descriptions and lovable characters.

#2 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough
13 Minutes is the kind of book that will have you hooked for the start and will leave you guessing until the end. As a person who doesn’t usually read thrillers (or anything in the vicinity of thrillers, really) I was more than pleasantly surprised with how this affected me. For everyone that loves the (girls in) high school drama à la Riverdale or Gossip Girl. Oh, and bonus tip: if you’ve enjoyed 13 Minutes, give One of Us is Lying a shot too to stay in the ‘whodunnit?’-vibes.

#3 Truthwitch & Windwitch by Susan Dennard
So I lied when I said it was all going to be books I recently read, because I read this at the beginning of the year. There’s not that much buzz about these books that I had expected, hence why I’m bringing it back. Even though both of the books weren’t 5 star reads for me, I highly enjoyed these books as quick, action-packed, magic-influenced YA. All that you need for a fun fall read. Oh, and there’s that one brooding character you can’t help but slowly fall in love with (trust me, it’s worth it).

So those were my fall recommendations. Have you read any? What are your thoughts? Let me know! wink

We shouldn’t forget that fall usually also brings us heaps of new books– hence why I’ve decided to compile another, shorter list of books you should keep an eye out (or you know, like, preorder or something). Click the title to be transported to the accompanying Goodreads page.

Hopefully these recs will get you just as excited for the upcoming season. Be sure to leave some recs in the comments if you have any!



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