What To Do (this summer): 5 movie recommendations

As promised, I would come back to you with my famous, much talked about, hilarious, enchanting and amazing WTD(ts)-series. Remember my 5 TV Show recommendations? In all truth, very few probably care. But I am here for you few that are excited to learn from a huge film nerd like me what movies they should totally watch this summer. I’ve tried combining some intense and some fun movies to give you the most varied taste one can give in only five recs. Let’s jump into it!

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A NEW ICON: The Daniel Wellington #ClassicPetite

Hello friends!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted something, but life has been rather hectic lately. And it will stay hectic too the next few weeks. But at least I’m done with exams for a while now so I’ll finally have time to read, review and write posts for you. For today, I’ve teamed up with Daniel Wellington (how exciting) to talk to you about their absolutely gorgeous new timepiece: the Classic Petite. Read all about it!

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