WINACTIE: Niet één, maar TWEE zomerse boeken!

Lieve Nederlandse volgers! Het werd naar mijn idee weer eens hoog tijd om een winactie voor jullie te organiseren. Het weer wordt langzamerhand toch écht beter en ik krijg in ieder geval steeds meer zin om zomerse boeken te lezen. Nu kan ik me alleen maar voorstellen dat voor jullie hetzelfde geldt, dus ik organiseer een zomerse winactie! Lees snel verder om te lezen hoe en wat. 

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REVIEW: Only Love Can Break Your Heart by Katherine Webber

Only Love Can Break Your Heart: 5/5
Author: Katherine Webber
Publisher: Walker Books

Hi guys! The weather is changing into Spring, and changing with it is my preference for books. The sun makes me want to read more lighthearted, contemporary YA so that’s exactly what I was aiming for when I picked up Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Boy, was I wrong about the “lighthearted” part… Whilst it definitely gave me some Spring/Summer feels by being set in the Californian desert, this book ripped out my heart, stomped on it and then revived it with an electric jolt. But I loved every second of it.

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Gedichtenbundels: YAY OR NAY? – Empty Hearts & Sleepless Nights door Yasmine Berkani

Je ziet ze steeds vaker en meer: gedichtenbundels. Ze zijn er natuurlijk altijd al geweest, maar er is een heuse herontdekking aan de gang. Met moderne dichters als Rupi Kaur en Lang Leav worden gedichten weer helemaal in. Zelf lees ik eigenlijk nooit gedichtenbundels, simpelweg omdat ik gewend ben snel door te lezen en je voor gedichten juist je tijd moet nemen. Toch kon ik geen nee zeggen toen ik een tijdje geleden een mailtje ontving van 17-jarige Yasmine die mij vroeg of ik haar gedichtenbundel wilde lezen. Na wat research dacht ik: “Why not?”, want wat ik er over las, klonk al erg mooi. Dus toen Yasmine’s boek Empty Hearts & Sleepless Nights op de deurmat viel wilde ik meteen er in beginnen.

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UNBOXING: September ‘Outlaws’ Bookboxclub box

Hello lovelies! If you’ve read my other unboxing posts, you will have noticed that this box will be my last as a rep for Bookboxclub. Something that makes me sad – but also happy to have been part of this for three months. So I sincerely hope you liked all my unboxings so far and I’m excited to show you the contest of September’s special one-year anniversary box. Yes, you read it right: Bookboxclub celebrated its birthday last month! 🎉 As a big fan, I hope there’s many more bookish years to come. They also made a special announcement, which I’ll talk about the end of the post. Read on, read on. 

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September Wrapup and Haul & October TBR

Hi friends! I seriously cannot believe it’s October already. OCTOBER! This year has gone so fast and I need it to chill for a second. But another month also means another opportunity to try and read more books than you did the month before. So first answer me this: how many books did you manage to devour in September? Read on to see how I did and what I plan to read this month!

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Three books you should definitely read this fall

Hey friends! The world’s favourite time of the year has come again. It’s time for big, cosy sweaters, a million mugs of tea, blankets, rain and the colours changing from green to brown. Ah yes, you guessed it: it’s fall. Sometimes I get why people are obsessed with it– the cosy vibes are REAL. But sometimes I can’t help but wonder if fall is better where you all seem to live, since (literally!) all we get here in the Netherlands is rain. Loads and LOADS of rain.

So if you, like me, live in a country where fall is questionable, I’ll come to your aid today. Recommending you three books I recently read to get you all warmed up for the colder months to come.

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