Top 5 Underrated TV Shows

It’s time for something other than book talk this time. You might know that I’m also a TV show enthousiast, or you might not have known. Now you do. There’s a list on my phone where I write down every show I’ve watched so that I don’t forget. I will now use this knowledge to provide you with five of my favourite TV shows that I consider vastly underrated. All of them have a healthy 4 seasons (okay not all) with 40 min episodes. So get ready, take some popcorn and be prepared to all of these to your watchlist!

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PAC Film Festival – 5 movies, 1 day

In the Netherlands, we have a few big cinemas, and Pathé is one of them. Every once in a while, they organize the “PAC Festival”, which is basically five previews of movies that are coming out soon (movies always come out “soon”… don’t they?).

Now, my mum and I are both lovers of film and she’s told me before that they were hosting this. Sadly we were never able to go before because of ~life~. But on Sunday, February 5th, it was finally time. We were going to be locked in the cinema from 10.30am until 11.15pm. Which was really fucking exciting.

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Let’s take this relationship to the next level

So, my first blog post. Who would’ve thought that after a year of tragically bad captions on Instagram, I would upgrade to providing you with even longer pieces of text?! I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought that. But I’m glad that I did, because I feel like it was time to take this relationship we have to the next level.

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