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A while ago, I asked my followers on Instagram what kind of posts they would like to see on my blog. @jamshidhashimi asked me for a post on “how to read more” and I thought YASS. This is a really interesting thing to dedicate a blogpost to so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

The most important thing to remember before going into this post is that reading should be a way of relaxing and to tune out of the real world for a bit. You shouldn’t force yourself to read just for the idea of reading more books. This will most likely only decrease your will to read (it does for me, at least). Any amount of books you read in a month/year is good amount, as long as you’ve enjoyed them. I’m personally not a fast reader, currently at a whopping total of 13 read books for this year. But that’s okay, because there’s so much other stuff going on in my life (uni, work) that I simply don’t have a massive amount of time to read. Still, I can come up with some advice on how to up your reading game:

  1. Get to know your reading habits.

This, to me, is the most important issue. Once you get to know yourself as a reader you can pinpoint exactly what kind of books you like best, what your preferred time to read is and what days you simply won’t have time to read. All these things combined will help you create your personal reader profile.

What’s your favourite genre to read? Mine’s (YA) Fantasy and I know that I can hardly go wrong with a book in that genre. That’s why I tend to pick up primarily those, because enjoying a book will help you read it faster and read more. If you know what your favourite type of book is, the chance is bigger that you’ll pick up books you’re going to enjoy and thus read faster.

What is your favourite time to read and when will you not have time to read? Take a look into your daily life and find out when you read best. Do you like reading better before you go to sleep like me? Try to go to bed an hour earlier than you usually do to get more reading done. I usually pick up a book around 9.00pm and read until 10.30pm, logically I’ll read much more if I decide to start at 8.00pm (and watch a tv show episode less instead ;)). If there’s a day in your week that you simply won’t have time to read, accept that and don’t force yourself to do it anyways. Forced reading = no fun and you need your sleep friend!!

  1. Start reading more series.

Finding good book series is the way to read more. I remember when I started reading Throne of Glass, I was literally glued to the books for a few weeks. I could not put them down at all! Once you find a first book in a series that you really enjoy, don’t read something else but continue with the series. You’re already in the story, so it’ll get harder to suddenly stop the more you read about it. Hence MORE READING! YAY! A few series/trilogies you could try: Throne of Glass, ACOTAR, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Falling Kingdoms, The Maze Runner, and more. Recommendations are 100% welcome in the comments.

  1. If English is not your first language, try reading in your own language every now and then.

My first language is Dutch, and for a while I didn’t want anything to do with Dutch books because English was what it was all about! But I’ve realized that there’s nothing wrong with reading a book in your own language. It also reads way faster than reading in English. Sometimes I read four books in Dutch and then really feel the need to read in English again. It really helps me read more.

  1. Save really big books for when you have a lot of time (e.g. holidays).

Books with 500+ pages are considered big by me here. This might be different for you, maybe you see 600 or 700+ pages as big books. But what helps me is to leave those books for when I have a whole lot of time to read (usually summer holiday). So that I can read smaller books when my time is more limited. It’s also quite demotivating when you’ve been reading the same book for two weeks simply because it’s SO HUGE.

  1. Always have a book with you.

Call this your travel book. This might be cliche advice but reading during travelling is the best way to get more reading done. I personally travel at least 4 to 5 hours a week by train and because there is simply nothing fun to do on a train but read, it’s perfect. But there’ll also be times you’re going to have to wait somewhere (e.g. doctor’s/school), ideal to squeeze a few pages in!

So, this was my advice regarding the subject but PLEASE remember that no one is the same with reading and it’s okay to not read 100 books a year like other people do. You do you, boo. But still I hope these tips will be helpful for anyone out there trying to get some more reading done this year. Please place any tips you have for people that want to read more in the comments below. Helping each other out is the best thing we can do.


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  1. I love your tips on reading more, they are amazing!!
    I definitely need to start reading more series, and reading more than just the first book in a series

    1. Thanks Rhi! That’s great to hear :).

      To be honest, I also should finish more series. I blame having to wait for the second or third or whateverth book!

  2. Guess who finally got her mind in order and stopped by to this beautiful lil spot of yours! Why yes! It’s moi! Before I flail about how gorgeous your blog is (will it appear differently on desktop?Cause I am currently logged in from my phone?) I have to say that that was a lovely postttttt! I always love how casual you are and how it feels like you’re just talking to a friend or something. Extra kudos for being a warm lovely blogger! And also tell me how you manage to read before bed omg aren’t you so exhausted????

    Many kisses and thumps Up’s
    Your fanfiction tutor 😉
    (Kinda wanted to make sure you knew who I was kinda wanted to remind you of the whole in your life we need to fill heheheheh)

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