Let’s take this relationship to the next level

So, my first blog post. Who would’ve thought that after a year of tragically bad captions on Instagram, I would upgrade to providing you with even longer pieces of text?! I sure as hell wouldn’t have thought that. But I’m glad that I did, because I feel like it was time to take this relationship we have to the next level.

Now, I will warn you in advance that anything you might read on this blog could be wrong. Grammatically/spelling-wise wrong. You see, I come from the land of cows and clogs: The Netherlands. And although I have been writing and reading in English for quite a while now, it is still highly likely that there are mistakes in my blog posts since it is not my first language. But I TRY. FOR YOU. BECAUSE YOU’RE GREAT.

Now onto the fun part. “What fun part, Femke?”, you ask. To that I must answer that I have no idea. I’ve thought long and hard about something special to tell you about myself in my first blog post. But a simple fact is that my life or me isn’t at all so very special and exciting that I have any material to surprise you with. So I surfed the interwebs and also my brain and came to the conclusion that it might just be an idea to properly introduce myself with some fun (bookish) facts. Fun, right? RIGHT?

But let’s start off with some general info about moi. Contrary to popular belief, my name is Femke, not Femme. I get the confusion guys, I would be confused too. But my username booksfemme is kind of a wordplay on my name. Femme means “girl” in French and my actual name means bloody nothing in French. Since I’m a girl (what?!) whose name is Femke and who loves books, booksfemme seemed like a hella fine wordplay. And I stuck with that because I don’t like changes and also because I kind of like it. If you’ve figured this out all by yourself, kudos. Should you want to know some more practical facts about me, head over to my About page.

Now we’re here. A year of bookstagramming and about 30 books read later. Which brings me to the first bookish fact about me:

  1. I don’t read very fast or very much.

Last year (2016), I set my goal to read 30 books, but only read 24. So this year my goal is again to read 30 books and I’m luckily well on my way already. 2017 will be the year guys!

  1. I don’t have an e-reader and don’t plan on getting one.


  1. I see The Hunger Games as a YA classic.

It is the first YA trilogy I fell in love with and I still think these books are brilliant. To me, these were the books that got me into YA. I’m very curious as to what the book was that got you into YA (let me know in the comments).

  1. I force myself to crack the spines of the paperbacks I read so that the books actually look read when I put them back on my shelves.

Which is odd because I also had a period of time in which I didn’t bend my paperbacks too far so that no cracks would appear.

  1. I didn’t read Harry Potter until I was 15 but am a huge fan now.

So no, I wasn’t the kid that grew up with all the movies and all the books. I actually legit believed that Harry Potter was scary AF until I was 15 because a friend of mine only showed me the scary parts of HP (voldy drinking unicorn blood, voldy on the graveyard) when I was 7, and I was a very scared kid. This is not a lie I’m telling you, take a look at this video from Pottermore (!!) in which little ol’ me states this as a fact: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWfsOhk_MoM – (1:03-1:05, my very brief moment of fame).

  1. For more bookish facts, stay tuned.

Yes! I have absolutely great things in store for you. Feel free to subscribe by email if you wish to receive notifications whenever I post something. You would make me incredibly happy and proud if you did. ~totally not forcing you

Before I finish this post I’d like to thank two people who’ve helped me a great deal with setting up this blog. First off, my friend Job, who has always been genuinely interested and super supportive from the moment I announced that I wanted to start a blog. I really appreciate it. And second, Anne, who is actually a design-goddess. My website would never ever have looked as pretty as it does now were it not for her. I’m lucky to have such a talented friend like you and sushi will come your way SOON.

This post is already way too long as it is, so I’m going to leave it like this. I really hope you guys are as excited about this as I am. Please know that interacting with you guys is one of my favourite things to do. So whenever you have questions, comments, fangirl/fanboy moments and whatnot, please do comment below the posts or on Instagram and let’s chat! And always feel free to leave me an email as well.

I look forward to more bookish moments together!



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